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The GDPR College

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The GDPR College was created by a group of CyberSecurity and Data Protection experts to cut through mountains of GDPR Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Of course organisations big and small must take GDPR seriously, but compliance may not be as difficult as some might have us believe. But you need to start now.

 The GDPR College:

  • Cuts through GDPR noise, misinformation and myth
  • Provides business owners and managers with essential information, tools and support
  • Gives businesses clear step-by-step compliance direction
  • Educates managers and staff on GDPR and CyberSecurity
  • Speeds-up compliance through template GDPR processes and reports
  • Follows education with ongoing client support and advice
  • Creates local GDPR support groups, helping local business to help each other
  • Represents businesses when audited by the GDPR Supervisory Authority
  • Incident Response Team can take charge when you have a data loss

The traditional approach to complying with a regulation like GDPR is to engage specialist consultants. And for data intensive, complicated or medium-large businesses, this makes sense. But like any regulation, it should be possible for organisations to self-comply once they know what to do. This is particularly relevant for small or medium sized organisations which have limited resources and budgets or which only process small amounts of data.

The path to compliance

The GDPR College has created specialist, step by step, courses and workshops cutting through the GDPR noise, giving you the complete picture for GDPR self-compliance. In a sharp, focussed learning environment, participants are given the relevant facts and tools needed to apply GDPR to their business.

Our compliance path modules allow you pick and choose what’s relevant to your own needs. Following the learning modules, we’re available to support you prepare for GDPR.

Local GDPR communities

Communities the world over are great at supporting each other in times of need and “helping local business to help each other” is central to The GDPR College’s philosophy. Check out the GDPR Communities page for more information on setting up a local GDPR Community in your area.

GDPR Enforcement Deadline 25th May 2018








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