GDPR Compliance Path

Organisations need clear direction, support and tools to help them achieve and maintain GDPR compliance in the fastest, least disruptive and most cost effective way. GDPR implications are too serious to ignore, but equally, organisations can’t afford to let GDPR distract from their core business.

The GDPR College has created a series of compliance path modules to help organisations prepare for GDPR. Organisations can pick and choose the modules which are relevant to their own needs.

At any step along their journey when its felt that sufficient knowledge has been gained, the organisation can step out of the suggested flow to continue with their own internal GDPR self-assessment. Should the organisation require further assistance, or would like to continue to the next compliance path module The GDPR College professionals are here to assist.

Cost Effective Training

Of course, organisations can engage consultants to do most of their GDPR compliance work. But consultancy is expensive and often leaves the organisation dependant on the consultants.

As the Chinese proverb goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

The GDPR College feels it’s a much better approach to show you how to comply rather than doing it for you. In a matter of days, key staff can gain the essential knowledge and experience necessary to enable your organisation achieve compliance.

1 Day GDPR Essentials Course

The GDPR Essentials is a 1 day course which gives business owners and managers the essential information they need to start into their GDPR compliance.

For more details please see the GDPR Essentials course description page.

GDPR Process & Reporting Template Pack

Save months of work with The GDPR College process and reporting template pack of documents.

The document pack serves as a foundation upon which client organisations can build their GDPR compliance. Each document within the pack clearly outlines how the organisation is expected to handle given GDPR situations. As an organisation works through each document, the template pack acts as a guide directing the organisation through their compliance process.

Clients are free to modify the documents to suit their own needs.

4 Day GDPR Workshop

Working through a case study, over a 4 day workshop, participants use the GDPR Process & Reporting Template document pack to bring a fictitious case study organisation into GDPR compliance.

The case study has been carefully crafted to reflect the most common situations encountered by the majority of organisations. By the end of the case study, participants are in a good position to start into their own GDPR compliance.

For more details check out the GDPR workshop page.

Ongoing Support & Handholding

Together, the GDPR Essentials Course, template documents and GDPR Workshop provide organisations with a very solid foundation upon which to build their GDPR compliance. And for many organisations this will be more than enough to achieve compliance.

However even the most meticulous organisation will likely have questions from time to time.

Whether it’s an odd clarification query or a more active engagement, The GDPR College is available to assist clients on a one-to-one basis with their own compliance.

Local GDPR Communities

It doesn’t matter if the organisation is an online retailer, local sports club, bar, restaurant, grocery shop, school, church, medical practice or gym, every organisation must comply with GDPR. All face nearly identical challenges.

GDPR communities are a group of local businesses/organisations who support each other in their compliance journey through sharing their collective GDPR knowledge, experience and effort.

Building on a foundation of the GDPR Essentials Course, Template Pack and Workshop, The GDPR College facilitates these local groups through semi-regular face-2-face workshops, dedicated Questions & Answer sessions (email, online, calls), etc.

GDPR Audit Support

Whether it’s checking if you’re GDPR compliant for the very first time, periodically verifying compliance or preparing for an audit from the GDPR Supervisory Authority, The GDPR College auditors are at hand. After reviewing compliance, The GDPR College auditors will flag any issues found and re-assess compliance once corrective measures have been taken.

Similar to a tax advisor assisting with a tax audit, should your organisation be subject to an audit from the Supervisory Authority, our professionals can help you prepare. Alternatively we can take over the full Supervisory Authority engagement on your behalf.

Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

Losing data through accidental or hacking loss is a daily fact of life. Every organisation must plan as if they will lose some or all of their sensitive data.

Under GDPR, organisations must report data loss within 72 hours of the loss occurring (not when it was noticed).

The GDPR College Computer Security Incident Response Team (CIRST) comprises (among others) CyberSecurity, Risk Managers, Legal and Communication experts.

When your organisation finds itself with a data loss, our CISRT professionals are on hand to take charge. Investigating, quantifying and mitigating the loss is a priority. As is managing stakeholder communication (e.g. Supervisory Authority, staff, customers, partners, police etc.) and preventing a recurrence.